Lowest Nordic system price in four years

Focus week 24: Wet and windy weather resulted in week 23 becoming the cheapest week in the Nordic spot market for more than a year. On Saturday, the Nordic system price dropped below EUR 10/MWh.

Here and now

Last week offered climbing prices in the long-term contracts in the Nordic forward market, while the short-term contracts fell slightly. Wet weather and a hydro-balance surplus contributed to the price falls in the Q3-19 contract, which closed at EUR 33.15/MWh on Friday, a marginal EUR 0.25/MWh lower than last Monday. During the same period, the YR-20 contract climbed by EUR 1.05/MWh to EUR 35.25/MWh, in a week with climbing prices across the fuel markets. Gas, coal and carbon emissions allowances climbed during the course of the week, and the climbs in the gas market were particularly notable.

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