Annual report 2018


Good year for the Energi Danmark Group

In 2018, the Energi Danmark Group realised a satisfying result of 170 DKK million before tax combined with a record high revenue of 32.5 DKK billion. At the same time, the Group delivered a strong sales result of 46.6 TWh for future delivery on the Northern European markets indicating that the Group continues to experience success with its long-term growth plans.

In 2018, the Energi Danmark Group realised a profit before tax of 170 DKK million compared to last year’s result of 71.4 DKK million. This corresponds to an increase of well over 138% and a solid return on equity of 19.6%. The Groups’s solid anchoring in the Northern European markets was also emphasised by a record high revenue of over 32.5 billion DKK. This was based on a total delivery to customers in the Northern European markets of just under 34 TWh and a strong result in our Gas Trading department. In 2018, the Energi Danmark Group delivered and invoiced electricity to more than 171,000 metering points in five different countries. This is an increase of over 35% since 2016.


- With the increased complexity it is vital that we have a reliable, flexible and efficient billing system that ensures customers as well as us a quick and reliable billing process, says CEO Jørgen Holm Westergaard.

- Our newly developed billing system, BIO, is tailor-made for the Northern European electricity markets and can also be used by our external business partners for handling market communication and billing of customers, Jørgen continues.

2018 was once again a strong year regarding sales and the Group sold 46.6 TWh during the year for future delivery to the customers over the next five years. Thus, the Group has once again secured a solid foundation, which underpins the Group’s long-term growth plans. With solid advising, good service and the right solutions we have helped the customers navigate safely in the volatile energy markets. This has resulted in Energi Salg Norge reaching a Group record high sale of 11.9 TWh. Our Swedish subsidiary, Energi Försäljning Sverige, was furthermore the first energy company ever to deliver electricity to the three largest cities in Sweden.
With the Group’s increased focus on large international customers, our united Northern European concept - One Stop Shop - is now more relevant than ever before. In 2019, the Group will focus on strengthening the international sales even further with a dedicated international sales team, which is going to secure further growth in the Group by developing the unique One Stop Shop concept.

- The One Stop Shop concept provides the Energi Danmark Group with the necessary scalability across the Northern European markets, which is essential in supporting the ambition of increased growth outside country borders, concludes Jesper Hjulmand, Chairman of the Board of Directors.