Spot prices could increase again next week

The Nordic region looks set to become cold and dry from the coming weekend. This could result in very high spot prices again, as consumption will rise.

Here and now

The previous week in the Nordic energy market was very much characterised by the weather forecasts. The first trading days were characterised by falling prices, as the Nordic region finally experienced mild weather and increasing precipitation at the same time as the fuel markets fell slightly. However, at the start of week 49, prices climbed again as it looks like the cold and dry weather will return by week 50. Overall, the contracts therefore ended with only minor price falls. The Q1-18 contract fell by EUR 0.29/MWh to EUR 32.90/MWh, while the YR-18 contract fell by EUR 0.38/MWh, closing at EUR 26.92/MWh on Monday.

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